Following options are available.

  • pay bills
  • deliver groceries
  • pay taxes
  • collect rent
  • find a lawyer
  • find an accountant
  • renew bluebook
  • escort Parents to Hospital
  • rent a car
  • deliver gifts
  • find a rental property

More options will be available soon.

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Birthday Cakes

Come summer or come winter, birthday cakes are always in the season.

Bluebooks renewal

We understand what hassle bluebook renewals can be, so we're here to help!

Motorcycle servicing

Your personal vehicle needs cleaning and caring inside out. Let us do it for you.

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Custom artwork designed on top a juicy black forest cake was the sweetest surprise for my birthday. It wouldn't be possible without the great folks at Sewak by
Ankur Sharma
Director, Expresiv Studios
I mean these guys were great! One phone call, forty-five minutes and I was ready to roll. Thanks for the amazing experience!
Himali Kiran
I am a working woman and I can't afford to spend my entire office hours queuing up to renew my blue book at Yatayat office. Glad these guys could take care of it!
Kalpana Bhandari